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What is Enby's?

Enby's going to be a community LGBTQ+ Hub in central Cardiff. Coming from the work we have already done at The Queer Emporium, expanding upon it and helping to grow and make the community flourish. It will encompass co-working spaces, small and large events, serve food, host meet ups, run workshops, after parties and be LGBTQ+ owned and run. It will be open all year round providing another home for the amazing queer scene in Wales.


We're looking for support - we need to raise money to make sure this happens!

We aren't asking for money for nothing (though, if you want to, we won't say no to that either!) - you can now preorder a range of merch from the Enby's online shop over at

What we need it for:

  • The cost of buying equipment, including a commercial kitchen,  a premises license, equipment and everything else needed to run a large venue.
  • Initial staff and training costs including hiring an LGBTQ+ security team.
  • Initial bills and stock costs we'll face to get everything running.

The venue is wheelchair accessible and in the city centre. We'll be releasing more details as we approach the opening this Pride Month. We are aiming to raise a total of £30,000 (which we know is a lot!) and a stretch goal of £40,000. We will update the counter below with the total twice per day so watch out if you want to see how we're doing! 

Take part in the Enby's Survey here from our pop up weekend!




raised so far (this is updated twice per day).