Flag Library

Need some flags for an event?

The Queer Emporium has a flag library for Prides, fundraisers and community events! If you are planning something that fits into one of these categories you can borrow some pride flags for free! All we ask that if any come back damaged or are lost the cost to be covered for those flags! We also ask for acknowledgment at your event that they are lent from us. You will need to pick up and drop off the flags from The Queer Emporium in Cardiff. If you would like to request flags please let us know which ones you would like (if you're not sure that's okay just let us know how many), what dates you'd like to borrow them for and your contact details. We'll then confirm your booking and let you know when they are ready to be picked up. Please note, we reserve the right to turn down applications.

Why do we do this?


  • We think fundraisers should be generating as much money as possible for their causes.
  • Money spent on flags could go to paying queer performers and other folks!
  • We don't want lots of pride flags out there sat in boxes that only go out for one day of the year!

Isn't that quite a silly business model for someone who sells flags? .....Yes! But thats not the point and if you do want to buy a flag we have a massive range in store!